A very important activity of our project "Intercultural dialogue through fairy tales, drama and art", was the drama part.

Every partner's school performed one of the 35 project's fairy tales randomly assigned between the partners. Each partner received the title of another partner's fairy tale which had to be performed on the stage or recorded as a movie.The rule was: each project fairy tale should be performed by another partner's school.

We worked hardly, had a lot of fun and produced wonderful performances recorded on video and published here for everyone to see:

The Spanish fairy tale "Miren Feli", performed by the Italian school
Circolo Didattico di Staglieno,Genova,Italy

The English fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood"
performed by Church Aston Infant School, Newport,United Kingdom

Little Red Riding Hood by Class 1 from Anne Garner on Vimeo.

The fairy tale from Czech Republic- “The story of Budulinek”
performed by Rustavi state school № 5, Georgia

The Swedish fairy tale "Prince Hat Under the Ground"represent by
the Slovenian school Osnova šola Pod goro, Slovenske Konjice,Slovenia

The fairy tale from France "Donkey skin" performed by the school
Glenmore N.S., Crossmolina, Ireland

The fairy tale from Germany - “Hans in luck” represent by the
Greek school Δημοτικό Σχολείο Ζερβοχωρίων, Χαλκιδική , Greece

The fairy tale from Slovakia -"The Golden Horseshoe,
the Golden Feather and the Golden Hair” performed by the school
Scoala cu cls. I-VIII "Ion Borcea", Agigea , Romania

The Hungarian fairy tale“The Foal-egg of Ratot” performed by
Spetalen skole, Saltnes , Norway

The Estonian tale "The Woman in Frog Skin" performed by the school
Szkoła Podstawowa nr 4 in Czechowice-Dziedzice, Poland

The Portuguese fairy tale “The Baker of Aljubarrota” performed by the
Bulgarian school SOU"Ekzarh Antim I",Kazanlak, Bulgaria

The Turkish fairy tale ,,The Bold boy and Emperer" performed by
the school Vastseliina Gümnaasium, Vastseliina, Estonia

The fairy tale from Netherlands “The girls Trush” performed by
the school Bergundaskolan F-6, Växjö ,Sweden

The fairy tale from Cyprus “The animal Exodus” performed by
the St.Clare College, San Gwann Primary B,San Gwann, Malta

The fairy Tale from Georgia ”The Dreamer”performed by World club from the
school Oriveden Keskuskoulu, Orivesi ,Finland

The fairy tale from Bulgaria - "The Most Precious Fruit" performed
by the school Agrupamento de Escolas de Penalva do Castelo,
Penalva do Castelo, Portugal

The fairy tale from Armenia “Do a favour and throw it into water”
perforemd by Yenituran Primary School, Ankara ,Turkey

The fairy tale from Poland “The tale of three brothers and the white eagle”
performed by the school Pērses pamatskola, Koknese,Latvia

The Italian fairy tale “Fantaghiro”performed by the school
Spojená škola Tilgnerova, Bratislava ,Slovakia

The Fairy tale from Malta “The legend of Castello Zammitello” performed
by the school Siete Campas-Zorrozgoiti, Bilbao ,Spain

The fairy tale from Slovenia - “Mary Nickelpot” performed by the school

Gyulai Alapfokú Közoktatási Intézmény, Gyula, Hungary

The Austrian fairy tale “Princess Trina” performed on the stage
by students from Siegerland-Grundschule, Berlin ,Germany

The Greek fairy tale "The Liar Sheperd" represent by the French school
Collège Stendhal, Nantes ,France

The Norvegian fairy tale “The Trolls in the Hedal Forest” performed by
the school Volksschule Oberwart, Austria

The Latvian fairy tale "The Old man's mitten” performed by the school
De Opslach, Franeker, Netherlands

The Finish folklore Trilogy performed by

students from Cannich Bridge Primary School, N.W. Scotland ,United Kingdom

The Croatian fairy tale- "The Enchanted Forest " performed by the school
Hofsstaðaskóli, Gardabaer ,Iceland

The Icelandic fairy tale "Búkolla andthe Boy" performed by Croatian school
Versus Foreign Languages School ,Krapina, Croatia

The Romanian fairy tale ,,Salt in dishes" performed by the school
Telšių ,,Atžalyno'' vidurinė mokykla, Telšiai, Lithuania

The Ukrainian fairy tale “Serko” performed by the Finnish school
Oulun normaalikoulu, Oulu, Finland

The Scottish fairy tale "Black Eyes"', performed by
School nr.700 with Advanced Study of Foreign Languages,
Saint -Petersburg, Russia

The Russian fairy tale- "Kolobok " performed by the school
Ivo Andrić school, Belgrade, Serbia

The Finish fairy tale "Haw to get the loight into the cottage?"
performed by Tsirio Gymnasium Lemesos,Cyprus