Intercultural dialogue through fairy tales,drama and art

logo_etwenning_portal.jpg project 2010-2011

Awarded the European Quality Label, October 2011
Awarded with National Quality label in 23 countries:
Austria,Bulgaria,Cyprus,Czech Republic,Estonia,Finland,France,Germany,Hungary,
Spain, Sweden,Turkey,United Kingdom
Students and teachers from 35 schools from 33 different European countries, collaborated together in order
to make intercultural dialogue through the use of fairy tales, drama and the arts and create a book with
European fairy tales in English language, illustrated by the participating students from each institution.
All partners worked actively and did a great job .The results of the cooperation in the project are really fantastic
and are a serious European event.The project is so successful thanks to all 35 partners from
33 countries who worked hard during the school year 2010-2011 and achieved so much with
their students and colleagues.

You can see our project plan and working process in each participating school here.

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